• No stumps

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Cost Effective

  • Minimal Soil Disturbance

  • Low Ground Pressure does not damage trees that are left behind

  • No Damage to desirable trees

  • Mulch aids in Erosion control


Removal of trees and stumps from small to mid-sized plots of land.  We have the tools and experience to efficiently complete the task with minimal topsoil disturbance.  We are also certified Florida pile burners and can assist you by safely and legally burning your storm debris piles.

  • Logging slash cleanup

  • Storm debris removal from homesites, fields, and access roads, with  no job too small.

  • Selective thinning

  • Under canopy brush cleanup

  • Field Reclamation

  • Fence row clearing

  • Hedgerow maintenance to increase field size.


We have the equipment and experience to quickly and efficiently clear overgrown land in preparation for new construction.  We can remove as much or as little as you like and haul away any onsite scrap or junk which may pose a problem for your construction project.

  • Brush and tree removal

  • Trash and scrap cleanup

  • Access road cut-in an creation

  • We also have a dirt work attachments


We have the equipment, experience, and passion to help maintain hunting leases.  We love to hunt too and understand what you're looking for when it comes to hunting site maintenance.

  • Food plot clearing

  • Access road setup and maintenance

  • Shooting lane setups

  • And much more

  • Feel free to reach out and tell us what you need.


We can help you with your forest fire fuel mitigation needs.  We can mulch downed trees and broken limbs which are prime forest fire fuel.  Mulch is much harder to ignite and burn. It quickly degrades further reducing the fuel load.

  • Setback clearances

  • Fireline creation and maintenance

  • Overall forest fuel load reduction


After hurricane Michael a huge swath of the Florida panhandle was severely damaged with many planted pine stands totally lost.  Let us help you recover and replant and with the assistance of federal grants you may be able to recover a portion of the cost. We are passionate about helping our area re-grow.  We live here and we love it too #850strong.